What is Advanced Laser Aesthetics

Pricing Options 

"Advanced Laser Aesthetic Price List Effective 1st May,2018"

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Upper lip                                       R250
Chin (Mini)                                    R250
Chin and Neck                R300-R500
Between Eyes                                R80
Sideburns                                     R300
Full Beard                                     R700
Full Face                                        R900


Underarm                                    R450
Half Arm including elbow        R800
Full Arm                                      R1300
Hands including finger             R400


Bikini Sides and Top                 R600
Bikini Brazilian                           R700
Full Bikini                       R900-R1000

Front of Body

Areola                                          R200
Breasts                                        R400
Umbical line                               R250
Tummy                                        R400


Toes                                                   R250
Feet                                                   R250
Lower Legs (including knees)   R1500
Upper Legs (including knees)   R1500
Full Legs                                        R3500


Shoulders                                   R1000
Upper Back                                R1500
Lower Back                                R1500
Full Back                                    R3500

NOTE:    Prior to laser hair removal the hair needs to be 1mm in length.

We offer free trimming before a session.

SESSIONS 6 to 12 sessions are required spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart. 

Skin Rejuvenation
(Collagen Remodelling, Pigmentation, Veins, Fine Lines and Enlarged Pores)

Full Face
                       R1200 per session
Face and Neck                  R1500
Face, Neck & Décolletage                                                    R2000
Hands                                  R800

Acne treatment

Full Face                           R900
Back                                 R1500

Carboxy Therapy
(Cellulite, Stretch Marks, Scarring and dark circles under the eyes)

Per area treated                R500
Dark Circles under eyes  R300
Double Chin                       R300

Radio Frequency
(lifting and tightening)

Face, Neck & Chest          R500

We are Siutated 

Suite 7,
Garden Fly Centre,
Main Road. 
Somerset West


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