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Carboxytherapy by Advanced Laser Aesthetics

Carboxytherapy β€œThe Miracle Gas” One of the best beauty breakthroughs.
Carboxytherapy is a minimally invasive, clinically proven method to rejuvenate, restore, recondition and tighten loose skin. 
 Carboxytherapy is also very useful to: 

  • treat cellulite, 
  • soften scars ( post op, accidents and burn wounds), 
  • reduce the appearance of stretch marks,
  • treats laxity,
  • brightens and firms the eye contour area
  • reduces a double chin by dissolving fat.

Completely natural and non-toxic, carbon dioxide gas (CO2) is used to stimulate the circulation and the production of new collagen for younger and firmer skin.
Carboxy Therapy Treatment for skin rejuvenation is a very well established medical treatment. The injection of CO2 has been used since the 1930s to treat leg ulcers, burn victims and amputees, to augment and stimulate the healing process.

How Does It Work? 
Medical grade carbon dioxide gas (CO2) is infused just under the surface of the skin. In response to this, the body floods oxygenated, nutrient-rich blood to the treatment area. This stimulates new collagen growth and has a beneficial effect on the overall tone and appearance of the skin. Carboxytherapy is used to brighten and firm the under-eye contour, tighten loose skin and is a wonderful treatment for helping to fade stretch marks.
When CO2 is injected deeper into the fatty tissue, it can be used to treat cellulite and other stubborn localized deposits in the thighs, buttocks, hips, knees and abdomen, improving skin contour and texture. Carboxy Therapy Treatment for skin rejuvenation can be used absolutely anywhere in the body.

How long does the treatment take? 
Typically, each Carboxy Treatment takes up to 30 minutes, depending on the area to be treated.
 In short , Carboxytherapy is a simple and safe procedure for beautiful , younger looking skin.

How many treatments are necessary? 
Between 6 – 12 Carboxy Treatment sessions over a period of months, tailored to your needs.

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